Frequently Asked Questions: North America.

Have a burning question? You can always get in touch, but you may find what you are looking for in our FAQs, below!


Sucafina North America is now Sucafina Specialty.  We are the same team that you know and have worked with for years, but with a new name and fresh visual identity. 

As Sucafina Specialty we help roasters across North America to find the right coffee for any quality or budget. 

You can find out more about us and our ‘Source smart’ approach by reading Our Manifesto and Our Approach.

We have offices in NYC, Seattle, and Miami with a few remote folks scattered about the US. Our quality control lab is located in our Seattle office.

Most of our specialty coffee is stored in Continental Terminals, NJ and The Green Room outside of Seattle in Auburn, WA. We do keep smaller amounts of coffee in other warehouses – just reach out to find out more.

Our customers are located throughout the US and Canada.  We can get you coffee wherever you are within these borders!

We also ship to Asia and Europe, Middle East and Africa through our Sucafina Specialty sister companies.

Ethics & Sustainablity

Absolutely. We carry a wide range of certified coffees in our spot inventory. 

We believe that the way that we source and trade green coffee MUST improve the sustainability of the entire industry. We are involved in a range of initiatives and always looking to do more.

We are proud participants in the World Coffee Research Checkoff Program

Sucafina has stringent sustainability targets broadly aligned with United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Our work with the Kahawtu Foundation has improved lives and livelihoods for more than 40,000 farmers in communities across Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda. And that’s just a start!

In 2018, we launched Farmer Hub, which supports a range of livelihood improvement projects for farmers within or living near our supply chains. Current projects range from helping farmers access financial services to crop diversification.

We are one of the founding members of Farmer Connect, a block-chain enabled application that helps farmers connect to the supply chain with the Farmer ID application. This enables them to prove their identity and income so they can get loans.

Sucafina North America has launched the Farmgate Initiative, which allows roasters to make additional cash payments directly to farmers to increase the farmgate price. This project has already made an impact in Rwanda, Burundi, PNG, Kenya and Ethiopia. We are hoping to extend the model to Europe/Middle East and Asia Pacific clients shortly.

You can also learn more by visiting our Manifesto and Approach pages.


To order for the first time, please create an account to access our online portal. Alternatively, send us a message at and one of our traders will get in touch! Or, feel free to give us a call at (646) 740 0815.

We have no minimums – orders can start at 1 bag.  Note: we do sometimes carry half (30kg) bags in our spot inventory.

In most cases, we can absolutely work with you to contract coffees set aside for only you. This allows you to lock in a specific coffee that you love for a specified amount of time, at a specific price.  Ask your trader to explain how this can help you.

We charge 1% of the value of the coffee, per pound, per month.  This covers our cost of financing and storing the coffee to hold in your own position.  Carry cost can be included in your final price covering a specific span of time, or added onto your price on a month to month basis.

This will depend on several factors ranging from coffee region to quantity, and time of year.  Reach out to us to discuss how we can help.

Payment & Credit

Our standard credit terms are net-30 days from releasing the coffee.  However, we typically require all first orders to be done as net-cash prior.  To apply for credit terms, please fill out the new customer form on our website.  Your trader get in touch with you to go over the details

Pricelist and Samples

To order samples, please login to our online portal (or create an account). Samples can be ordered directly from the offerings page.

Once you have selected all of the coffees you wish to sample (limit of 5 coffees per order), push the button on the lower left called "Request Samples". Fill in your details in the form check the box if you need roasted samples (green samples are the default). Our default sample size is 200g.

Our current offerlist of available coffees can be found here.

To see prices, you must first be logged in.

You can use the search filters to select coffee location, origin, certification, or sensory notes (coffees that have not yet arrived are shown do not have pricing). Click on the plus sign to the left of the coffee name to see more details.

Prices quoted (basis EXW or at Warehouse) are for 1 bag. If you hover your mouse without clicking on the tags inscribed, you will see the various price levels available. Higher coffee bag volumes are subject to a discount due to logistics efficiencies and pallet capacity.


Yes we can – as long as it’s in the same warehouse.  Just let us know that the order will be consolidated when asking for release.   

If you get the order to us by 12 PM EST (for CTI NJ) or 11 AM PST (for TGR), we can get it processed for next-day pick-up.

We can work with any freight carrier of your choosing.  If you don’t know where to start, we’d be happy to make some recommendations.

Yes we can. Just get in touch for more information. 

Yup. Please work with your trader to set this up.

10 bags is the standard/recommended amount. In some cases, 11 bags can work if they’re 60kg bags.