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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Sponsoring the Re:Co Fellows 2022

We were proud to sponsor 25 incredible fellows at Re:Co this month! To learn more about the fellows, and the lectures they attended, we spoke to Danna Wasserman and Danner Friedman, who attended Re:Co and met with the fellows.

The fellows “are working on a range of projects and are founding organizations and companies that are trying to address some of the most complex issues that our industry is facing today,” Danna says. “It was really valuable to hear a range of voices on these different issues. We need many different perspectives to tackle these issues in a holistic, effective way.”

It was important to us to sponsor these fellows and support the people driving our industry forward. “Sucafina values research and entrepreneurship,” Danner explains. “We support innovative projects across the industry and sponsoring the fellows is just another example of where we were able to give people an opportunity to add their voices and help lay the foundation for coffee’s future.”

All the lectures were topical and valuable and Danna and Danner were glad to attend them. Two that stood out were talks by Symon Kipkertick Sogomo and Orieta Pinto. Symon is a Kenyan farmer from the Mt. Elgon region “he advocated for people to buy Mt. Elgon coffee and helped farmers in his area join together and collaborate for better leverage in the market,” Danna says. “That was really valuable to hear from him.”

Orieta presented on women’s empowerment in Honduras. “Gender equity is still such an issue in terms of leadership positions and making sure women are a part of the conversation,” Danner says. “Her insights really inspired us to continue supporting women’s empowerment groups and the coffees they produce.”

We’re proud to have been able to sponsor these fellows at Re:Co. Sponsorship gave us an opportunity to learn from them as well as a chance for them to hear lectures from and converse with many of coffee’s thought-leaders. We can’t wait to see how they continue to incorporate some of the ideas and perspectives offered at Re:Co into their individual projects and companies.