Our Approach

As Sucafina we help roasters to find the right coffee for any quality or budget.  From macrolot to microlot, we bring three core approaches to everything we do:

  • Global network, local teams – We build sustainable supply chains that meet the needs of roasters & producers.
  • Focused Innovation – We work to move the industry forward through technology, agronomy, finance and logistics.
  • Shared value – We drive efficiency and equity across our supply chain.

Global network, local teams

As part of one of the only multinationals solely dedicated to coffee, we are unique in our one-global-team approach. This approach makes us more efficient, helps us provide crucial services to our suppliers through innovation and technology and ensures greater benefit, selection and value for our customers.

To be a great global company you have to start where people live. Whether that is Milwaukee/Ghent/Brisbane or Kigali, we take our connection to community seriously. We strive for an ideal balance between maximum size for efficiency and living locally for nuanced effect. From our producer-facing origin team members to our customer representatives around the world, we’re a seamless conduit between supply and demand.

Focused Innovation

From digital farmer identities with blockchain-enabled ledgers, to farm-level agronomy improvements, we’re on the edge of innovation that enhances returns for producers and roasters alike.

Our approach to Sustainability draws on this commitment to innovation.  

Our commitment to sustainability is not limited to certification compliance.  Sustainability is central to our approach company, from offering better farm gate pricing for farmers through to helping farmers improve soil fertility and improve yields.

  • Sucafina has stringent sustainability targets broadly aligned with United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
  • Our work with the Kahawatu Foundation has improved lives and livelihoods for more than 40,000 farmers in communities across Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda. And that’s just a start!
  • In 2018, we launched Farmer Hub, which supports a range of livelihood improvement projects for farmers within or living near our supply chains. Current projects range from helping farmers access financial services to crop diversification.
  • We are one of the founding members of Farmer Connect, a block-chain enabled application that helps farmers connect to the supply chain with the Farmer ID application. This enables them to prove their identity and income so they can get loans.
  • Sucafina has launched the Farmgate Initiative, which allows roasters to make additional cash payments directly to farmers to increase the farmgate price. This project has already made an impact in Rwanda, Burundi, PNG, Kenya, Indonesia, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Our Sustainability work is ongoing and new initiatives are currently being planned, as well.  

And although Sustainability can’t be reduced to third-party certification, we acknowledge that certifications also play a role in coffee sustainability. We feature Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Fair Trade, Fair Trade Organic and Organic coffees as core components of our regular coffee offerings.

Shared Value

There are no absolutes; the value of products and relationships must be measured relative to their cost and improvement over time. There’s an ideal coffee for every situation, and we’re bringing more of that to the marketplace all the time.

Value is related to quality – but not just of the product we trade. Quality of life for our partners at origin and the quality of the relationships we have with our customers are as significant and just as valuable as the exceptional quality of our coffee.

Our presence and relationships in all the major coffee producing and consuming countries enables us to bring lasting and positive change to the industry as a whole. Our positive and close relationships with growers translate into detailed and highly relevant information on product traceability. Our close relationships with our customers mean that we are able to spot market trends and help translate those to benefit suppliers and consumers, alike.

Our size and the diversity of our offering allow us to work with growers on the entirety of their production. Our focus is on quality, but we know that every producer needs to sell their entire crop, not just the top microlots. We can help find a place for every coffee, ensuring whole farm sustainability.

 “Source Smart” not only describes the company’s market research, growing efficiencies, and sustainable approach to origination but is also a call to action for customers needing an edge in highly competitive environments.