GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, June 05, 2018 – On World Environment Day, we would like to recall our partnership with Coocafé and Nestlé on the project entitled “Creating shared value: family farming turning lives.”

The project – which started back in July 2016, tackled economic issues: the development of growers; social issues: the inclusion of women, youth, and community; as well as environmental issues: preservation of springs, producers’ awareness, and children education.

It is primordial to support growers who are near the headwaters of rivers and streams by planting native plants, carrying out water quality analysis and training them to properly use fertilizers and pesticides to avoid water pollution.

By raising awareness of the impact of deforestation on climate and encouraging green practices at home/farms, Sucafina, Nestlé, and Coocafe hope to open new horizons for family farming.

For more details, watch the video below: