“We started this cooperative because of the poverty issues we had in our households. Especially here, no woman would touch money and few would leave the house,” said Christine Muhawenimana, a 36-year-old mother of 3 and a member of Duhaguruke Dukore Cooperative.

Christine is one of the 38 brave members who established Duhaguruke Dukore Cooperative, seeking a change in their lives.

Duhaguruke Dukore translates into English as “let’s stand up and work.” The cooperative was created by women who were not satisfied with being stay-at-home mothers with limited influence on household decisions. It comprises 38 members – 33 women and 5 men, and was established in 2007 with a monthly contribution of 100 francs per grower (which was equivalent at the time to 0.15$ per month.) Since then, they bought a plot of land where they planted 800 shared coffee trees.

These women are supported by Rwacof – Sucafina’s subsidiary in Rwanda, which buys their coffee cherries. Today, thanks to their dedication, perseverance, and strength, they are independent, empowered and most importantly entrepreneurs who are able to take leadership roles.